How to earn money from Youtube

In this article we share How to earn money from Youtube after reading this article you understand how to use and earn money from Youtube.

Create a channel

The first step to making money from YouTube is to create a channel. A channel is a place where people can go to watch videos and share them with others. You need to have a channel before you can start earning money from YouTube. To get started, click on “My Channel” at the top right corner of any YouTube page. Then select “Create a free channel.”

2. Upload videos

Once you have created your channel, you should upload videos to it. There are two ways to do this: uploading videos directly from your computer and using third-party software. If you want to upload videos directly from your computer, you can use a video editing program such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. These programs allow you to add text, music, and images to your videos. You can then save your videos to your hard drive and upload them to YouTube.

If you prefer to use third-party software, there are many options out there. One popular option is Adobe Creative Cloud (formerly known as Adobe Elements). This program allows you to edit videos, add music, and add special effects to your videos. Once you have finished editing your videos, you can export them to your hard drive and then upload them to YouTube. Another popular option is Filmora. This program works similarly to Adobe Creative Cloud, but it is cheaper.

3. Promote your videos

After you have uploaded your videos, you should promote them. There are a few unique ways of doing this you can post links to your videos on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also send emails about your videos to friends and family members. Finally, you can put ads on your videos. Ads are small graphics that appear on the side of your videos while they are playing. When viewers hover over these ads, they can learn more information about the product or service advertised in the ad.

4. Monetize your videos

Now that you have promoted your videos, you can begin monetizing them. This means that you can make money off of them. There are three types of advertising that you can use on your videos: pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, and post-roll ads. Pre-roll ads play before your videos start playing. Mid-roll ads play between 30 seconds and 2 minutes after your videos start playing. Post-roll ads play after your videos end playing.

You can choose to display either static or animated ads on your videos. Static ads look similar to banner ads that you would find on websites. Animated ads move across the screen and sometimes play sound clips. Both types of ads help businesses generate revenue, but animated ads tend to perform better than static ones.

There are four types of ads that you can run on your videos: text ads, image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. Text ads consist of short sentences that appear above your videos. Image ads feature pictures that appear beside your videos. Video ads show videos that play alongside your videos. Carousel ads are similar to image ads, except that they only show one picture at a time.

To view how much each type of ad earns you, visit the YouTube Advertiser Dashboard. You can access this dashboard by clicking on “Advertisers” in the left navigation menu. From here, you can view statistics about your earnings, including average daily earnings, total earnings, and earnings per thousand views.

5. Keep producing content

As long as you keep producing videos, you will continue to receive traffic and make money from YouTube. However, if you stop posting videos, your channel will eventually disappear. So, always try to produce videos whenever possible.

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